More than 13,000 employees

Finalist for its Living Wage Program at the Unilever International Award for responsible companies

Water saving technologies



AgroAmérica implements a sustainable development strategy based on ethical principles in an integral way, that is, implemented in all areas of business action: labor, environmental, social and economic; which leads them to the search for the common good and responsible production, keys to long-term success.


Since the beginning of the company, the center of operations has been our people. All our employees earn above the minimum wage and are annually recognized for productivity. In May 2017 we were among the 5 finalists of the Unilever global award, which recognizes socially responsible companies. We also obtained this recognition in 2014.


The social projection of AgroAmérica goes beyond complying with labor, social and environmental laws. They have a corporate social responsibility program focused on collaborators, communities and the environment, aligned with the United Nations sustainable development goals.



Founded in 1958, AgroAmérica became a multinational company that conducts sustainable agriculture operations in the United States, Europe, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama and Guatemala. It produces, markets and distributes bananas, pineapples and vegetable oils, using sustainable methods of cultivation.

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