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Flavio Linares

Regional Program Manager


Flavio Linares serves as Operations and Program Manager for Solidaridad Central America, Mexico, and The Caribbean. He holds a Master’s Degree from Universidad de Chapingo, Mexico in Integrated Pest Management. Has extensive experience in sustainable rural development, sustainable supply chains and compliance with multiple global standards, including RSPO and Bonsucro in both the industrial and field settings. Prior to joining Solidaridad, he served as Associate Peace Corps Director in Guatemala for over twenty years, M & E specialist in Food Security Program for USAID-AGEXPORT, Consultant for IARNA/Landivar University. He has trained, mentored and coached hundreds of professionals in a wide variety of national and international initiatives, including eco-rural tourism,  IPM, climate-smart agriculture, solid waste management, community/school disaster emergency plans, management of non-forest products and effective rural nonformal education/extension systems. Consultant for several organizations on climate change adaptation best practices, development and impact assessments in conservation and food security Programs.  In Solidaridad, Flavio leads regional programs and the development of multi-stakeholder platforms in palm oil, sugarcane, coffee, cocoa, and sustainable landscapes.  He has been nominated to integrate the human rights commission to review some global standards. High experience in internal control tools and M & E systems to implement and accomplish sustainable international standards. Flavio is a recognized facilitator and speaker with broad perspectives on capacity building and talent management. His career reflects a strong commitment to sustainable agriculture, CSR, eco-agriculture, biodiversity conservation, respect for indigenous diversity, transparency and ethical principles in production and marketing processes, social inclusion and knowledge management.

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José Luis López

Sustainable Palm and Biodiversity Manager,  Guatemala

Biologist from Del Valle University of Guatemala, experience in biodiversity, ecosystems and environmental projects management. Accredited as a consultant of high conservation values ​​(AVC), developing these studies for different sustainability schemes (BONSUCRO, RSPO, ISCC). Has been an environmental consultant, participating in the development of high-level environmental impact studies, biological monitoring and ecological evaluations. Has worked at a regional level coordinating environmental projects, including the identification of HCVs in the palm sector to recommend environmentally sustainable landscape scale development.

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María Durán

Program Manager, Nicaragua


Agricultural Engineer with a specialty in Agribusiness Management, graduated from the Universidad Panamericana El Zamorano, Honduras. With 10 years of experience in administration and management of economic development projects, value chains and sustainable supply chains in sectors such as cocoa, coffee, livestock, oil palm, honey, among others. Has worked in the accompaniment and advising of organizations of smallholders in the elaboration and implementation of strategic plans and business plans. Accredited auditor for organic production standards and UTZ, has advised companies and producer organizations in the implementation of internal management systems. Has extensive experience in facilitating and articulating multi-stakeholder platforms.

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Rodolfo García

Program Manager, Mexico

Since 2001, his experience has been in auditing, developing and implementing programs for the certification of sustainable value chains for the following programs: Organic, Fairtrade, Utz Certified, RainForest, CAFE practices, BONSUCRO, RSPO, Globalgap, and FSC in social enterprises of small producers and private companies, in crops such as coffee, cocoa, sugarcane, oil palm, fruits and vegetables. He has also been involved in climate change adaptation and mitigation initiatives through the implementation of measurement tools and analysis (Cool Farm Tool) for the elaboration and implementation of resilience plans in the agricultural sector. Currently Manager and Country Representative for Solidaridad Mexico.


El aceite de palma y los productos derivados de la palma están en todas partes. ¿Por qué? Porque es el aceite vegetal menos costoso del mundo. Además de eso, es increíblemente versátil en sus aplicaciones. Sin embargo, el alcance del aceite de palma se extiende más allá de sus productos y usos, lo que tiene consecuencias para los humanos y las tierras en que se produce este aceite. Esta es la razón por la cual una producción sostenible es capaz de transformar industrias y vidas en todo el mundo. Buscamos brindar soluciones específicas para cada país y contexto, tanto para los pequeños agricultores, como las fábricas y las empresas, al reunir a múltiples actores, desarrollando alianzas mutuamente beneficiosas, y apoyando la implementación de prácticas sostenibles.

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