What is Solidaridad?​


We are a Civil Society Organization based in the Netherlands with global presence through 9 regional expertise centers.

Our vision is to have a world in which everything we produce and everything we consume is sustainable, with respect for the planet, people, and future generations.


We work with all the actors in the value chain and we commit ourselves to innovative solutions to ensure the transition towards sustainability and economic and social inclusion that brings benefits for all.

What is the goal of Solidaridad in the region?


At a regional level, Solidaridad's central office is based in Guatemala City and covers Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean through several programs focused on the sustainability of productive systems such as cane sugar, palm oil, coffee, cocoa, livestock sustainable, in addition to leading the creation and development of multi-stakeholder working platforms such as Consorcio de Palma Sostenible in Guatemala, in Honduras, Nicaragua and the initiative Sustainable Landscapes - PaSos in Honduras

What is the scope of the MAPA program?
  • Carry out an effective action, through the design and implementation of productive, social and environmental improvement programs along the value chain, from the field to the market according to the need of each mill.​

  • Strengthen the capacities of the actors of the sugar sector in Mexico, in alliance with key actors: Bonsucro, donors, experts, civil society organizations, and others, to create the right conditions for a sustainable management.

With whom does the MAPA Program work?


The program partners respond to the inclusive profile of the Organization:

  1. Private Companies and Corporate Groups, Associative Companies formed by groups of producers​​​

  2. Associations or Cooperatives of small producers

  3. Associations or Foundations who administrate and co-administrates the Protected Areas or areas of High Conservation Values.

  4. Government organizations responsible for legal processes related to the field: Ministries or Secretariats of Environment, Ministries of Agriculture, Ministries of Labor, etc.

What does MAPA contribute to the Program's Partners?
  • Management and support for ongoing improvement to increase productivity in the field and factory

  • Gap analysis and creation of ongoing improvement plans

  • Provides assessment and measurement tools to internalize the international standards metric (RSPO)

  • Development of training programs and exchange of good practices

  • Establishment custody chain and mass balance

  • Documentation of good practices to systematize education

  • Support companies to transfer good practices to other mills of the group

  • Creation of a multi-stakeholder platform to exchange experiences and knowledge to address economic, environmental and social issues.

How does Solidaridad acquire funds for its MAPA program?
  • Solidaridad manages resources to meet international organizations, investors, donors, etc. Which are interested in sustainability processes with environmental responsibility, social inclusion, transparency, and traceability.

  • The program generates various social, economic and environmental benefits for workers, small producers (Increase in production, improve working conditions, intelligent administration in the management and conservation of natural resources, better community relationships, inter-institutional)

  • The financial profitability of the fund is provided by small, medium and large companies, producer organizations with multiple benefit indicators (economic, environmental, social).