Zitihualt is a 100% peasant company with growth character, integrated by producers in the Jalisco, Michoacán and Veracruz sectors.


340 producing partners

Oil palm extraction plant with an installed capacity of 15 TON/hour.

Dimensions: 5000 M2

Crops/ Variety (Surface): 2425 HAS

Annual Production Vol:
 64,710 TON RFF



Its legal constitution was in 1998 with the objective of associating to obtain access to resources and support from various agencies for the development of plantations; Later, in 2009, the facilities of the extractor plant known as "El Desengaño" were acquired as a loan. As a result, the industrial process was started and the organization capitalized to take the next step in the construction of the extraction plant. in the year 2010. In March of the year 2012 began operations with the new extractor plant known today with the name of "Zitihualt SPR of R.I. "